F.I.T. CLUB: Framework for Integrated Teaching

Embedding concepts of food, fitness and farming into the classroom


F.I.T. Club promotes health and wellness for children of all ages using literacy and collaborative approaches in schools, afterschool programs, and in the home. Children explore food sourcing and production, cooking, sustainability, nutrition, and disease through clubs centered on these three themes:

Using a multi-pronged approach, F.I.T. Club resources include:

F.I.T. Club lesson plans incorporate health and wellness themes, within the context of understanding sustainability as it relates to food sourcing and production. F.I.T. Club’s focus on literacy to teach concepts of nutrition and physical health connects children with high quality fiction and nonfiction books. Lesson plans utilize common standards, incorporate the ELA, math, science, and social studies, and can be taught during or after school.

F.I.T. Family serves as a literacy resource for parents and children to read together, using books that model healthy habits. F.I.T. Kits bring these principles into the home through gifts and activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.


F.I.T. Club lesson plans integrate the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and the English Language Arts with Science and Social Studies to educate students about food sourcing and production, cooking, sustainability, nutrition and disease. The goal is to introduce key concepts of food, fitness and farming within the current framework. F.I.T. Club is designed to enhance the current curriculum.