F.I.T. Club Afterschool Sessions

F.I.T. Club Afterschool Template

  • Get the wiggles out afterschool physical activity

  • Mindfulness activity

  • Interactive Read Aloud

  • Themed transitional physical activity

  • Play-based lessons that emphasizes healthy habits

F.I.T. Club is committed to creating a collaborative curriculum embedding concepts of food, fitness and farming into the classroom.  Our focus on literacy to teach concepts of nutrition and physical health connects students with high quality fiction and nonfiction books.  Lesson plans utilize Common Core Standards and can be taught during or after school.

F.I.T. Club curriculum integrates the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and the English Language Arts with Science and Social Studies to educate students about food sourcing and production, cooking, sustainability, nutrition and disease.  The goal is to introduce key concepts of food, fitness and farming within the current framework.  F.I.T. Club is designed to enhance the current curriculum.

F.I.T. Club Afterschool Sessions demonstrate different ways to incorporate lesson plans into your afterschool program.  In Core 4, students will design a day of healthy, balanced meals using My Plate, and then create a weekly schedule of different exercises.  Recommended books for Core 4 include The Food Parade (Elicia Castaldi), Gazpacho for Nacho (Tracey Kyle), What Happens to a Hamburger? (Paul Showers) and Duck on a Bike (David Shannon).  In Pizza Pi, students will engage in a pizza-centric ecologic, culinary and geographic scavenger hunt!  They will read The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) (Philomen Sturges) to create their own pizzas and end the Session with the Little Red Hen Play.

Lesson plans are meant to be flexible and concepts can easily be adapted to other grade levels.   A recommended and supplemental booklist of high quality fiction and nonfiction children’s literature accompany each Session.  F.I.T. Club Afterschool Sessions are meant to be a springboard for your program and can be followed closely or loosely adapted to your students’ needs!