Intro To My Plate (Grades 1-3)

What is a Balanced Diet? (Grades 1-3)

Design a Day of Meals (Grades 1-3)

Let’s Stay Active! (Grades 1-3)

Chickens and Eggs on My Plate

Do Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk?

Foods Made from Milk- Making Ice Cream in a Bag

Fruit or Vegetable

Fruits and Vegetables in My Lunchbox!

Healthy Habits – Introduction to the Food Groups

Healthy Habits – Design a Balanced Lunchbox

Healthy Habits – Let’s Stay Active!

Healthy Habits – Plotting Heart Rates and Mindful Eating

Healthy Habits – The Power of Play – Jimmy Jet versus Beekle

Healthy Habits – Sleepytime – Goodnight Chickens!

To Market: Eating the Rainbow

Vegetable Soup Graphs: Part 1

Vegetable Soup Graphs: Part 2