Students will understand the step-by-step process of turning a grain to bread, and that there are many people who contribute to that process.


Essential Questions addressed in the Afterschool Unit: Cock-a-doodle-doo! Making pancakes from scratch 

  • Why is it important to eat breakfast every day?
  • What are some of your favorite breakfast foods?
  • How can I cook pancakes from scratch?
  • What plant does flour come from?
  • What is the step-by-step process to turn wheat into flour?
  • What is in an egg?
  • Where does milk come from?
  • How do you make butter?
  • How do fruit seeds spread?
  • How is jam made?
  • Why should we care about farm to table?
  • Where can I get healthy, affordable, local food in my community?

Recommended Booklist: 

  • Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle
  • From Wheat to Bread by Kristin Thoennes Keller
  • Milk: Form Cow to Carton by Aliki
  • Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey
  • Eggs by Marilyn Singer and Emma Stevenson
  • Chicks and Chickens by Gail Gibbons
  • E-I-E-I-O How Old McDonald Got His Farm by Judy Sierra

Supplemental Booklist: 

  • The Little Red Hen by Jerry Pinkney
  • Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie dePaola
  • From Wheat to Bread by Staci Taus-Bolstad